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Your Marketing Dashboard, Explained

There’s a lot going on, we break it down for you.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tactic to engage with new and existing patients, nurture relationships, move patients along the sales funnel, and increase conversion rates.

Here are just a few reasons why an email newsletter should be an essential component in your marketing mix:

  •     It drives traffic to your website.
  •     It’s easy to track and analyze the metrics.

·     It allows granular segmentation and personalization.

What is the value of a click?

We’ve turned a stranger to your business into a visitor to your website.  Now we have an opportunity to turn them into a lead. You’ve earned that persons attention.

What is the value of an impression?

An impression is brand awareness (it is the same as running a TV commercial but better).

What is the value of a lead?

You may think the answer may be obvious, but the industry has changed.  A lead is not always someone ready to buy today. However, they are someone who is interested in what you are selling.  Your job is to identify where they are in the sales funnel not where you wish they were in the sales funnel and guide them through the funnel until they are ready to buy.

What is the value of an SEO Report/Local Search Audit

There are over 4.6 billion webpages on the internet today? That’s a lot of competition. The bad news for website owners is this figure grows daily, but the good news is that SEO is probably the most effective way to improve your site – making it more visible and highly competitive.

SEO is the process of optimizing various elements across your site (and away from your site) to enhance the experience for both users and search engines. Without SEO, sites can perform badly and never make it to that coveted number 1 spot in search engine results pages (SERPs).  The information below is a comprehensive report of the steps we take to assess the impact of the SEO tasks being provided.

What is the value of the Rank Checker?

The ranking of a page is what search engines use to determine the importance of a web page. It’s one of many factors used to determine which pages appear in search results.  Why do the search engines attempt to measure a web page’s importance? Pages that are important are probably better authorities in leading web surfers to better sources.

Here are a few reasons why it’s important to keep an eye on your ranking.

  • Get More Traffic – Websites that are on top of the search results page grab 36.4% of the traffic. Google shows 10 results on the first page when someone searches for any specific terms. So, if you can reach the top of the first page of Google results, it can be an excellent opportunity for your business. Your business does not exist in a vacuum.  It is in a constant battle with the competition for the #1 position on a search results page. Getting to the top is only half the battle, staying on top is the other half.
  • Increase Your Businesses Authenticity – An increase in SERP (search engine results page) rankings not only boosts your business’s ability to generate traffic and leads, it increases the degree to which your audience sees your business as authentic.  Data shows that web visitors think the first few websites at the top of the SERPs are amongst the more authentic businesses in their industry. It is basically a psychological game that gives you the advantage.

What is the value of the Citation Checker?

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number for a local business. 

Why do local citations matter?

Local citations significantly influence two scenarios relating to local businesses:

  1. Local citations either positively or negatively impact local search engine rankings.Some estimates report that citations make up 25% of the overall ranking factors. 
  2. The number of citations a business accrues, the accuracy of the data they feature, and the quality of the platforms they exist on all influence rankings. Search engines like Google amass data about each business. If what they encounter is accurate, the search engine trusts the validity of the data, which is believed to strengthen the business’ chance of ranking well. However, if the data search engines encounter is inconsistent, this trust is eroded, lessening ranking opportunities.
  3. Local citations either positively or negatively impact consumers.Accurate citations help people discover a local business, which can result in web, phone, and foot traffic, culminating in transactions. Inaccurate citations, however, can misdirect customers, leading to loss of reputation and revenue.

Businesses at every level of local commerce — from one-person startups to major brands — are deeply concerned about rankings, reputation, and revenue. Local citations are vital, given that they factor into all three of these areas.

What is the value of the Citation Builder?

If you want to rank well, search engines need consistent and constant affirmation that you exist and you exist where you say you exist. Name, address and phone number (NAP) consistency and citation building also help achieve the following things for local, national/local, and multi-location businesses:

  • Expands real estate across the web – Citation work helps an increasing number of local customers find your or your client’s business online. These will include third-party sites that people use, like Apple Maps, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Mapquest, and many more generic and niche sites.
  • Expands real estate on Google’s organic results pages – Citation sites/listings often show up in Google’s organic search results for keyword searches and brand searches. Search engines trust these sites, so it will be of utmost importance to ensure you or your clients’ NAP is accurate on third-party citation sites as well as on Google My Business.
  • Links: both ‘nofollow’ and ‘dofollow’ – Most citation sites provide a link. Many of those links will be nofollow, but some are follow links. (N.b. According to Phil Rozek, the real value of links in your citation listings is to strengthen the association of your website with your NAP information).
  • Third-party reviews – Many citation sites are also review sites, providing feedback on third-party generic and niche sites. Third-party reviews also have an influence on rankings within those third-party citation sites and may even have some degree of an impact on Google rankings, according to Moz’s Local Search Ranking Factors Survey.
  • City-specific and vertical directories – Other than GMB, data aggregators, and top tier generic citation sites, building citations on locally relevant and industry-relevant domains is also very important to rankings. 

If we take a good look at the benefits above, we can see that citations, help contribute to three of the four local search ranking pillars: trusted location info, links, and reviews (the 4th being a locally focused website). I’d say that these benefits are worth the effort.

What is the value of the Reputation Manager?

Everyday, people are reviewing businesses with star ratings, comments, social media posts, blogs and much more. Knowing what people are saying about your business is invaluable. Reputation management provides you with a chance to counter negative feedback. It also creates an opportunity to promote the experience of your positive mentions. An effective online reputation management strategy can provide you with new opportunities and insight on increasing brand awareness.

The importance of having an online reputation management process in place is undeniable. Here are a few reasons why we provide a review system.

Better Search Engine Ranking

Online reviews can create a huge impact on SEO. It’s because search engine algorithms know that customers place importance on the online reviews of the company when making a decision. Hence, a business that takes the best effort to deal with its online reputation gets rewarded with increasing SEO visibility.

 Increasing Customer Trust & Credibility

Online reviews are not all about pleasing the algorithm. It’s also about the way people identify a brand. Gaining the trust of customers is essential. Everyone knows that the reputation of a business is crucial for its survival. Once the trust of the customers is gained, an existing customer will speak about the business to others. A good reputation management can easily help a business to gain trust. Positive reviews can lead potential customers to trust the business even more. A good reputation means that the business is more credible than their competitors.

Higher Revenues

When customers make use of trust in order to differentiate a business from their competition, it can effectively convey that the brand is reliable. According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business School,  businesses that achieved a higher ranking than their competitors demonstrated an increase in revenues of 5-9% over their competition.

Professional Image

Having a successful corporate image is an important marketing tool for a company.

Existing and potential customers use search engines to gain information about businesses.  Reviews are an integral component of that search process. A lack of reviews can be just as detrimental as a negative review. 

What is the value of Google My Business?

Google recently revealed that every one in three Google searches has local intent. This means that millions of people look online for a pizza joint, a dry cleaner, or a salon in their own vicinity. If your company relies on local consumer traffic, this clearly shows the importance of making your business visible in the search results.

A complete, verified, and optimized Google My Business listing allows you to connect with your target audience and be found in more ways than ever before.

In order to get better idea of what Google My Business has to offer you, it is important for you to look at the benefits of using it. Following are some top reasons your business should be using it to attract more local leads:

Helps Customers Find Your Physical Location

Using Google My Business, you can list the exact address and location of your business on a map. This ensures that searchers no longer need to rely on a paper map or scribbled instructions to find you; instead they can reach you through the precise directions.

Better Search Visibility

When you search on Google, you may have noticed a high-visibility panel near the top of the page (below paid ads and above organic results); it usually contains 3 local business listings and their information.  These are populated with Google My Business listings. A complete and optimized listing can help your business land in this section. Furthermore, a simple click will direct your searchers to the rest of your content, such as your website – or even a direct phone call to your establishment.

Displays Useful Information

Google My Business gives you a place to make important business updates that can be immediately seen by searchers.  Useful, up-to-date information about your business will readily be displayed on your Google My Business listing; searchers can see your:

* Hours of operation

* Directions

* Photos

* The call now button displayed for mobile users

* Description of your business

Your listings will be as easy to access on tablets and smart phones as they are on desktops and laptops simply because Google is fully committed to the mobile revolution.

Another Communication Channel

You’ll be opening up another new interactive channel of communication with your potential and existing clients and customers by creating a Google My Business profile. Furthermore, it offers you another place to promote your promotions and special offers.