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Our Integrated Marketing Approach

Our system of lead generation, qualification, and nurturing.

The sales cycle for hearing aids is long, often years. Your marketing must generate interest and gain trust by offering content that both answers questions and alleviates concerns. Our marketing pipeline ensures you interact with potential patients at all online points of contact, build brand trust, and sends these leads into your sales funnel.

How It Works

Let’s start with the example of “Mary,” a 64 year old woman. It’s early January. She just got through the holidays surrounded by her family which included young adults and quite a few younger, noisy grandchildren. She’s beginning to realize how much she struggled to hear and did not like how disconnected she felt in all the commotion.

Problem Identfication

Mary goes to her local news organization’s site to browse and sees your Google display ad. The ad accurately describes her feelings of disconnect and isolation and explains how those feelings can be connected to hearing loss.

Brand Awareness

She clicks “Learn More,” reads the landing page, and realizes hearing loss may really be the culprit of the disconnect from her family. But she’s only 64, and just barely a grandmother, surely she’s too young for hearing aids? She goes on about her day, but the thought stays with her.

Brand Recognition

The next week while scolling through Facebook, she sees your free online hearing screening ad in her feed. She clicks through, and the screener tells her she may need a hearing test. On your website, she reads more about your services, your credentials, and your great testimonials, but she isn’t ready to commit to an appointment without more research.

Gaining Trust

Finally, after a group Valentine’s day dinner, she realizes she cannot hear even the person on the other side of the table. She was not enjoying herself. It’s time.

She googles “audiologist near me” and again your practice pops up in the top search results with 4.9 stars and 127 reviews.

Lead Generation

She recognizes your practice name, and she trusts the opinions of the 127 people who have seen you and had great things to say.

Your Google search ad at the top of her search results takes her to your hearing services page. She completes the lead form at the top for a Free Hearing Consultation.

Lead Nuturing

Mary instantly receives an email confirmation that her consultation request has been received. This email lets her know she’ll be contacted within one business day or she is welcome to call the office to avoid the wait.

She decides, “why wait?” and calls your office to book an appointment.

From restaurants to appliances and even to our doctors, how we search for information, products, and services has been forever altered by the internet. It’s time to use that to your advantage.

Our integrated marketing system has been developed from decades of expertise in both audiology sales consulting and online marketing. The sales funnel is no longer linear, and our system recognizes that. We’ve created a strategy that allows you to utilize all avenues that your patients use to find you.