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I'm part of an ENT Practice, do we need a separate audiology & hearing aid website?

Our short answer is, yes.

The sale of hearing aids is a significant revenue generator for an ENT practice. It is also a highly specialized area of the practice usually staffed by a separate set of professionals with a unique set of services and products. It is often the only practice area in an ENT office that “sells” a product. Hearing Aids in general are not a product that is searched for in the same way as “ear infection”. The sale of a hearing aid involves a long research cycle (patients will often search for information for years prior to making an appointment) and a significant outlay of money typically not covered by insurance.

The bulk of services provided by an ENT practice (other than Hearing Aids) are based on immediate need. The services that are provided are usually covered by insurance. Patients searching for those types of services are not searching in the same way that patients search for hearing aids. It is not uncommon for businesses to create separate websites to optimize a niche product/service differently and to market the service or product independently of a larger conglomerate of products and services that have a different set of needs.

Real estate agents will often create single page websites specifically for one house they’re selling. Dentists often create separate sites for a variety of services that fall outside of their general practice area and are not covered by 3rdparty payers (dental whitening, and teeth straightening devices are two examples). These separate sites are usually the sites that these professional will connect to marketing campaigns to better assess the outcome of the campaign.

Most importantly, Google updates like to make it difficult for more than one URL from the same domain to rank organically on the first page. As Google is less and less likely to show multiple results from the same domain, having a separate Audiology website (using a different domain name) allows the Audiology page to rank separately from the ENT practice.

A separate domain name/website also allows for the following:

  • It is easier to match the user’s search criteria. – “hearing aids, Lynchburg VA” is easier to find when multiple pages on one domain are optimized for that search as opposed to a poorly optimized single page on one website that offers a multitude of other products and services.
  • Capture more Google real estate. The addition of the blogs (which are fed to the site on a weekly basis) increases the likelihood that the site will rank not just for one of the main navigation pages but also for each blog post. Each post is heavily optimized for one keyword based on user queries. In other words it’s an answer to a frequent query search. For example, “Why do I Need to Wear Two Hearing Aids?”, “What is a Mild Hearing Loss?”. Google places enormous value on fresh, relevant content. The blogs are designed to deliver both.
  • Products (Hearing Aids) by specific vendors can also be more easily cataloged by search engines since they are contained on a separate highly optimized page.

I could go on, but that should provide you with a few talking points!

The only downside to multiple domains (when used appropriately) is that they require twice the work. In this case, that’s not going to be a problem for the practice owners.

Can I rank on Google in zip codes outside of my own?

Yes, we have many SEO solutions for your many business needs.

Gain more traffic from your target market, increase your sales and brand visibility and identify growth opportunities.

Optimize to be Found – Our multi-faceted website SEO approach is built on cutting-edge technical analyses, comprehensive keyword intelligence, and proprietary technology involving real language search queries.

Hyperlocal SEO – A smart local SEO strategy lets you target geo-specific market segments, and ensure information is up-to-date no matter when or where a customer looks.

When would you need Elite SEO?

    • You want your second location to rank as well as the primary location.
    • You want to be found for a specialty service (for ex. Neuromonics)
    • You are in an urban area with a dense population and want to broaden reach beyond your immediate zip code.

I don't need ongoing email marketing, just a one-time campaign, is that possible?

Yes, we can create an integrated one time email blast campaign to go out to any of your email lists. You can notify your database of new technology, current marketing events or important changes that are occurring or will be occurring in your office.

I don't like paying just for clicks, is there a way to get more results?

Yes, with our lead generation campaigns you are able to run campaigns specifically built to harvest social media leads directly from your ads. No more tracking click-through rates and CPC. Our lead generation campaigns give you tangible results with potential patient names, emails, and phone numbers, ready for you to contact them.

With our Dominant Digital Marketing Strategy:

      • We maximize your spending and improve efficiency using building block campaigns that grow from each other coupled with granular measurement tools to track your results and continually refine your campaigns
      • Geofencing and website data utilization ensures your ads are being seen by your target market; those most likely to see and respond to your advertising
      • Using pay-per-click search ads targeting specific search queries around hearing testing and hearing aid technology, we help you acquire new patients and expand your hyperlocal search presence through additional page 1 listings on all major search engines.
      • Strategy doesn’t end after execution. If anything, that’s where the process begins all over again. With an obsession for perfection and an eye for insights, our data analysts will happily weed through rows and rows of data to discover the gaps, project the opportunities, and deliver more.

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