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For a detailed explanation of our plans, please see the descriptions below the pricing chart.

Click costs are not included in plan pricing.
Pricing listed is for one location. Multiple locations may incur additional fees.

Our Plans

Our plans are designed to provide layers of service.  Each level includes every component of the previous level.  As the plan levels increase in cost, they increase in complexity. The Internet is complex. Consumers will search for information (technical information, price, color, size, usability, product features, anonymous opinions of vendors, products, and providers, and so on) in a multitude of ways.

Where your customers are searching (looking):

  • Search Engines
  • Known Online Information Sources (ex. Consumer Reports)
  • Online Reviews
  • Social Media Platforms
  • In Marketing They Receive Digitally (ex. Email Marketing)

You are trying to create “front of the mind” “or top of the mind” awareness.  What does that mean?  It means that the day someone decides they are ready to buy a hearing aid…. you and your practice are who they think of first. 

You have to be where your potential customers are looking (see above).  And you have to provide what they want including answers to questions they have and hopefully answers to questions they didn’t yet think to ask. 


Breakdown of the Plans



Provides a basic website, a review system, blog content and social media posts (no paid advertising).


Provides the above (Plant). We’ve added hyperlocal SEO. Hyperlocal SEO is designed to significantly improve your chances of being found for non-paid organic searches in your immediate area.  In other words, hyperlocal SEO will allow you to outrank your competitors for searches that are not tied to paid advertisements.


Provides the above (Plant and Nurture).  But this is where you begin to layer in advertisements.  Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns with customized landing pages (internal website pages) will generate leads.  The leads will be nurtured through a coordinated, customized automated marketing campaign


Provides the above (Plant, Nurture and Grow).  We continue to layer in systems designed to generate and nurture leads.  Additional advertising campaigns, primarily retargeting campaigns, will focus on consumers who have indicated an interest in the product you are selling and/or specifically your practice but have yet to click on content.  At this level, we’ll incorporate an automated email system to market your entire patient database.  The database will be segmented according to definable criteria (tested no sold, lead, 4+-year-old users and so on). 

The Flourish level will also include 1 hour of phone time per month to discuss your marketing.  It will give you and us ample opportunity to determine what is working, what needs to change and how best to coordinate your online activities with your offline activities.  We can also offer advice on how to enhance your online presence through unpaid efforts.  There are any number of opportunities in every market that can be utilized to provide exposure for your practice.  We can help you to identify those opportunities and explain the approach you should take to make it a profitable venture for your practice.